Sunday, June 9, 2013

Create Penetration testing Lab in Kali Linux or Backtrack

                                         Hello, friends I hope you've been up-to my previous post : Brute Force Attack & Backdoor Website Hacking, In these two previous post - I was using DVWA + OWASP-BWA + Backtrack, that means two penetration testing lab with Bactrack hacking OS. It's cool, comfortable to hack using Bactrack or Kali Linux. As you know guys - we've posted many Penetration testing lab creation articles but yet we haven't posted any article that can help learner to connect Penetration testing lab with Backtrack or any other Hacking OS. Finally your wait is over, Read this Post.

Penetration testing lab with Kali Linux or (Backtrack)
If you're using Backtrack then it's good and if you've Kali Linux then too Good. Simply here you'll not require to install any OS on your system - you can do it on your present running OS. Just complete below requirements and you're done.

Requirements :
System Requirement :
  • Minimum 2GB RAM but (Recommended 3GB RAM)
  • 2.5 Ghz or Best in 3Ghz
  • Display minimum : 1024x768

What's new in this Penetration testing lab ? 
                  Well nothing is much new in this, but let me talk about some more addition and features - that can really helps you a lot for Pentesting.
DVWA + NOWASP (Mutillidae) + OWASP -BWA + Kali Linux + Windows 7 + OWASP Mantra Janus + Ghost Security + Web Goat =  Super Penetration testing lab. When all this Penetration testing lab will be one system & run at one time in Kali Linux or Bactrack - m sure it will definitely rock up hackers, learners & Pentesters. So Keep Calm & Proceed to next step.

Steps to Create Penetration testing lab
               It isn't too much hard to create Penetration testing lab with OWASP-BWA - Connect it with Backtrack or Kali Linux & Penetrate. Simply if you'll follow below all steps properly, you'll get success.

1. First of all learn to Install Kali Linux or Backtrack in VM Ware.

2. Now, Create OWASP-BWA Penetration testing lab in your system & Start it in VM Ware and at same time create one more Virtual Machine Kali Linux or (Backtrack), So it will start two Virtual machine with Dual Virtual Network.

3. 1st Network = OWASP-BWA Pentest lab. 2nd Network = Kali Linux or Backtrack

4. It will definitely eats up your RAM & CPU so I'll recommend you to stop all background process to speed up system & gain more memory & CPU 

5. We're using two OS with three two virtual network + One Original Non-Splitted Network of your current running OS. Well you can also pentest on your current OS using Backtrack Metasploit, Reverse Engineering, Brute Force, Cracking attacks. 

6. Okay, if you don't know how to create this pentest lab watch out below video.

7. This tutorial is simply very easy, Just be patience while Installing VM Ware & you'll require to read my previous Penetration testing lab tutorials & Articles. 

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