Sunday, September 29, 2013

Hacking is definitely one subject loved by all, the adventure and the mystery hidden in hacking makes every geek feel curious about it. After bringing some interesting tutorials, we now bring to you some interesting hacking videos. We have shortlisted the long duration videos from YouTube… 

1. Open Security Training: In the spirit of OpenCourseWare and the Khan Academy, this YouTube channel is dedicated to sharing training material for computer security classes, on any topic, that are at least one day long.
All material is licensed with an open license like CreativeCommons, allowing anyone to use the material however they see fit, so long as they share modified works back to the community. This Youtube Playlist longs almost than 90 hours and is definitely the biggest video based tutorial ever.
2. OWASP AppSec USA 2011: YouTube Playlist containing compilation of OWASP conference highlight in 2011.
3. Defcon: How I Met your Girlfriend: Defcon is one of the most popular hackers conference. The presenters in this conference are well known in the hacking industry. This particular presentation will demonstrate the use of various open source tools for reversing Android Apps, as well as the use of the Android SDK features for pen testing, again including techniques and fast demos. Solutions to app and marketplace security will be covered as well.
4. Defcon: What happens when you steal a hackers computer: Having your place broken into and your computer stolen can be a nightmare. And getting your revenge from the thief who has your machine can be a dream come true. The presenter here experienced both of these when his machine was stolen in Boston and then showed up in Las Vegas 2 years later. He shares some laughs at a lamer’s expense, participate in the pwnage, and shows some resulting insights into the implications of certain security decisions.
5. Defcon: Nmap: Scanning the Internet: The Nmap Security Scanner was built to efficiently scan large networks, but Nmap’s author Fyodor has taken this to a new level by scanning millions of Internet hosts as part of the Worldscan project. He will present the most interesting findings and empirical statistics from these scans, along with practical advice for improving your own scan performance. Additional topics include detecting and subverting firewall and intrusion detection systems, dealing with quirky network configurations, and advanced host discovery and port scanning techniques. A quick overview of new Nmap features will also be provided.
6. Public Key Cryptography: Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange: Diffie-Hellman key exchange was one of the earliest practical implementations of key exchange within the field of cryptography. It relies on the discrete logarithm problem. This test clip will be part of the final chapter of Gambling with Secrets!
7. Web application Pen testing With Mutillidae: The Mutillidae project was introduced with the intention of using it as a teaching tool and making easy to understand video demos. They have been doing a lot of YouTube video tutorials are compiled on this page.
8. Intro to Scanning Nmap, Hping, Amap, TCPDump, Metasploit: This is the 2nd in a line of classes Jeremy Druin will be giving on pen-testing and web app security featuring Mutillidae for the Kentuckiana ISSA. This one covers scanning Nmap, Hping, Amap, TCPDump, Metasploit, etc.

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