Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Leadership skills are learned and these 10 major leadership qualities are what all great leaders have in common. There are two types of people, leaders and followers. Which are you? Everyone enjoys being a leader at some point and time, but do people really want to follow you? Read on and see how many of these major leadership qualities you share with the great leaders of the world. By developing these major leadership qualities, you will increase your skills, your followers, yourself worth, and the value you bring to people’s lives.
1) Be Courageous, Nobody wants to follow a coward. Be sure of yourself and reflect that in your decision making and the knowledge you bring to your business.
2) Have Self Control, Of the 10 major leadership qualities listed here, self control, or lack of, will be the easiest to indentify by those around you. Explosive tempers, vulgar and/or heated language will not bring followers. The person who cannot learn to control themselves can never control others.
3) Be Fair and Just, All great leaders treat people fairly and possess an admirable sense of justice. All the major leadership qualities derive from this single principle.

Major Leadership Qualities Every Leader Should Develop

4) Make Confident Decisions, Major leadership qualities demand confident decision making. Confident decision making comes from knowing your business top to bottom. The person who is wavering in their decisions cannot lead others successfully.
5) Have a Definite Plan, Major leadership qualities develop around a solid plan that works and for the person who works their plan! Guesswork is not leadership. Following a definite plan is what brings confidence to your followers, who in return, will attract more followers for you.
6) Be Willing to go Over and Beyond Your Call of Duty, A great leader is always willing to do more work, to do whatever it takes, to do more than they require of their followers. In other words, you should be willing to roll up your sleeves and lead by example.
The major leadership qualities develop sound business principles
The major leadership qualities develop sound business principles

7) Bring Your Smile, Nobody likes a grouch and nobody wants to follow a slovenly, careless, leader. One of the major leadership qualities shared by all great leaders is having a pleasing personality.

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