Wednesday, October 2, 2013

25+ Free Resources To Learn Java Programming Language Online

Want to learn Java programming for free? Well, you have come to the perfect place. We bring to you 28 free and high quality java learning resources that includes e-books, websites, cheat-sheets and video channels to learn the Java online for free. So make your pick and get started!
Official Java EE Tutorial: Official Java Tutorial from Oracle In PDF Format
Official Java Tutorial by Oracle (Sun): This is the official online Java tutorial of book from Addison-Wesley
Think Java: An introduction to java programming for beginners.
Introduction to Programming Using JavaOnline version of book “Introduction to Programming Using Java”.
OSGI In Practice: Free PDF Book on Java OSGI Platform development for advanced/expert developers.
Core Servlets and JavaServer: ITs Free Online Version of Core Servlets and JavaServer Pages book
Java Application Development on Linux by Carl Albing and Michael Schwarz: A handy guide for Java development on Linux platform.
Inside the Java Virtual Machine: Free chapters of the a really good book “Inside the Java Virtual Machine” by Bill Venners.
Data Structures and Algorithms with Object-Oriented Design Patterns in Java: A good online book for mid level experienced Java developer to understand design pattern using Java language.
Thinking In Java: Online free Version of popular book Thinking In Java by Bruce Eckel.
Free Websites To Learn Java
Java SE Specification: This contains the Java Language and Virtual Machine Specifications for deeper understanding for Java language.
Java Lessons: Java and JSP Tutorials with Examples.
Java Generics FAQs: A really good question answer format online tutorial for common Java Generics related concepts.
Java Programming FAQs and Tutorials: This site contains many specialized and general Java Programming Topics in question answer format.
Cafeaulait: Single web page tutorial on Java by Elliotte Rusty Harold
Core Servlets Java Tutorials: A very good resource for experienced java developers.
Java Practices: This site provides presentations of Java practices, tasks, and designs, and a huge set of syntax-highlighted code examples.
Programming Notes: Simple java tutorials for beginners.
Top Cheat Sheets For Java
Java API DocsThe best cheat sheet, that I always prefer is Java official API documentation. It handy to easily browse through various classes and their documentation.
Cheatsheet by Princeton University: Summary of most commonly-used Java language features in one page.
Cheatsheet by mindprod.comOne page simple online handy cheat sheet.
DZone Cheatsheets: Best Resource for Java and related technology cheat sheets and good articles.
Quick Reference By Digilife: Contains simple quick notes to use variety of java programming constructs.
Java Reference (By Dream In Code):A simple cheat sheet for java beginners.
Free Video Tutorials

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